Waiting for B. / Largometraje Documental Internacional

Waiting for B. is about the outer-reaches of fandom, where a group of kids camped out for two months to be closer to an international star. This story is about victims of hype, a community of hope, and the contradictions of humility and vanity at the heart of diva worship. This observational documentary takes the viewer on a two-month long journey with young Beyoncé super-fans who, lacking the money to buy their way to the front, camped out for two months in order to be closer to the front of the standing room.

Paulo Cesar Toledo / Director
Abigail Spindel / Director
Paulo Cesar Toledo / Productor
Tatiana Quintella / Productor
Abigail Spindel / Cinematografía
Paulo Cesar Toledo / Cinematografía
Abigail Spindel / Edición

Tipo de filme: Cortometraje
Tiempo de ejecución: 1 hora, 11 minutos
País de origen: Brasil
País de rodaje: Brasil
Idioma de la película: Portugués

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