The Greatest Madness / Largometraje Documental Internacional


Three rebels against the time set by the market: Angel Marco. His work on the radio is cut short in his most profitable stage. Market rules caused him an early/premature aging. He will have to face a new life while he is working in one of his most moving creations: “Solitude”, a performance about the wear-out of the body… Paca Arceo. Photographer. Shows the difficulty childhood in a corrala (a courtyard) and her feelings about the loneliness of so many people who are locked up by the life. She is afraid of losing something as valuable as her eyes: the memory. Manuel Alcántara. Poet. He deals with the passing of time with the precision of words and with the old age with a strong will to live. An accordion; the typewriter; a port Tavern; and the sea, which avoids the passing of the years. The time is the raw material of his poems. Time is everything while you are alive. Three perspectives about the last period of the life.

Adolfo Dufour Andia / Director
Adolfo Dufour / Guionista
Pablo Minguez / Guionista
Larry Levene / Productor

Tipo de filme: Largometraje
Tiempo de ejecución: 1 hora, 26 minutos
País de origen: España
País de rodaje: España
Idioma de la película: Español

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