Soy / Cortometraje Documental Centroamericano

Soy / Cortometraje, Documental, Centroamericano

As a child, Yanory lived an hour away from school. Living in Las Moras Boruca, an indigenous territory in Costa Rica, involved many challenges to overcome: little access to health services, difficulties in transportation and communication, among others. However, the beautiful views of the mountains from her home, and the love for her Boruca culture and to her family made all these details insignificant. Now, she is about to turn 21 years old and the place where she studies no longer is an hour away from home, but 240 kilometres away. Studying in the University of Costa Rica in San Jose has involved many other challenges for her, both academically and personally. Now with both feet in San José and with many experiences ahead, Yanory tries to always have her heart back home.

Juan Ignacio Rodríguez / Director
Andrés Madrigal / Director
Juan Ignacio Rodríguez /Productor
Andrés Madrigal / Productor
Yanory Rojas / Reparto
Michele Ferris / Supervisión de Producción
Leidy Alvarado / Coordinadora de Producción
Juan Ignacio Rodríguez / Dirección de Fotografía
Andrés Madrigal Dirección de Fotografía
Juan Ignacio Rodríguez / Postproducción
Andrés Madrigal / Postproducción

Tipo de filme: Cortometraje
Tiempo de ejecución: 18 minutos, 10 Segundos
País de origen: Costa Rica
País de rodaje: Costa Rica
Idioma de la película: Español

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