“ATHENS FROM BENEATH” the documentary of the newly poor / Largometraje Documental Internacional


The Greece of the newly poor – the unemployed- climbing their own Calvary, during the umprecedented economic crisis in the country. The film, following the stories of several citizens, features social inequality and injustice. Homelessness, soup kitchens, the overwhelming unemployment rates and the decadence of large sections of society into a new-poor statushave turned the dream of prosperity in a socio-economic nightmare. As an artistic project, this documentary follows neither the rules ofpromotional design nor the superficial glance of a tourist but is as harsh and deconstructed as life itself when it becomes stagnant. But above all it is timely and indespensible if we are to interpret social solidarity, cultural awareness and the need for dialogue.

Takis Bardakos / Director
Takis Bardakos / Escritor
Takis Bardakos / Productor

Tipo de filme: Largometraje
Tiempo de ejecución: 1 hora, 1 minutos, 57 segundos
País de origen: Grecia
País de rodaje: Grecia
Idioma de la película: El griego moderno (desde el 1453)

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