A la Deriva / Largometraje Documental Centroamericano


In 2006, Panama’s health system by mistake manufactured and distributed over 200 thousand bottles of common cold medication with a substance called diethylene glycol, used in the automobile industry and that caused massive poisoning, deaths, and serious diseases. The case involves companies from China, Spain and Panama.

A LA DERIVA (DRIFTING AWAY) portrays the lives of Iris, Milagros y Briseida, three women affected by this poison, both physically and emotionally. Through them we will know about diethylene glycol, about their personal conflicts, the waiting, the loneliness, and their yearning to be as they used to be.

Tipo de filme: Documental
Tiempo de ejecución: 1 hour 10 minutes
País de origen: Panama
País de rodaje: Panama
Idioma de la película: Español


  • Miguel I. González Director
  • Manuel Cárcamo Writer
  • Enmanuel Chávez Writer
  • Miguel I. González Writer
  • Charles Martínez Producer
  • Miguel I. González Producer


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